Such Sweet Sorrow

I said my first official “goodbye” yesterday.

Not counting my roommates, Janice was my first New York friend. We met one Wednesday evening shortly after I’d moved to the City through one of Redeemer’s small groups. We engaged in the usual small talk chit-chat when Janice commented on the fact that we had the same phone. I recently discovered Words with Friends and asked if she liked it as well, which she did and from there our friendship blossomed. It was she who introduced me to the Brooklyn Flea and helped cultivate my love of all things Brooklyn. At the height of the horrible 2011 winter, she and I trekked out to the Brooklyn Academy of Music to see Alan Rickman in Ibsen’s John Gabriel Borkman. She wanted to go for Ibsen; I wanted to go for Severus Snape. That night remains one of my most cherished memories.

She never understood my love of football nor I her love of Danish furniture, but those things don’t matter. We have laughed and cried and prayed our way through our mid-20s. Life in NYC has been a roller coaster and she has been there encouraging me through all the ups and downs.

Our friendship is proof that technology really can bring people together.

I won’t do a post every time I say goodbye to someone over the next few weeks, but seeing as she was my first friend and first goodbye, it felt appropriate.

Janice, you will be missed immensely!

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