Tomorrow is my last day of work. It hasn’t quite hit me yet. Maybe by tomorrow.

As I mentioned, my personality isn’t cut out for office and admin work. For the past three and a half years (1 in DE, 2.5 in NY) I felt stuck. I knew I didn’t want to stay where I was, but I had no idea what I wanted to do instead or how I’d get there with my oh-so-valuable political science and Asian studies degrees. I was completely unqualified for jobs that interested me and couldn’t justify leaving my job for another admin position. Yes, I was bored at times and completely unchallenged by the work, but my bosses were good and fair, my hours were reasonable, and I was able to travel. I didn’t want to give all that up only to find myself in a similar position with another company with worse people, longer hours and less flexibility.

So I stayed put. And I waited. And I prayed. For 3.5 years.

By last October, I had made peace with my situation. I wasn’t content, but I wasn’t discontent either. Life was good. I loved my neighborhood, had a great group of friends, and was about to spend a week in Iceland hunting for the Northern Lights. So what if my job wasn’t what I wanted it to be? I told myself there were worse fates in life than career dissatisfaction. Then things started happening.

Last November, my wonderful landlord started talking about selling the apartment where I currently live. I knew I couldn’t afford another place in the neighborhood which meant I’d have to move to a different neighborhood. In NYC, moving to a new neighborhood is like moving to another state. When I moved from Manhattan to Brooklyn, I thought I’d still see my Manhattan friends all the time. Wrong. I went from seeing Janice 1-2 times a week to seeing her once a month at best. Same with Lauren.

The impending move got me thinking. I couldn’t stay in Park Slope which amounted to starting over socially and since my social life was where I was most satisfied, why not start over completely? Why not cut and run and see what comes of it?

I started thinking about my options, my passions, my dreams. I prayed a lot. I cried a lot, too. I’d looked at WWOOF before, but had never seriously considered it. For the first time, it seemed like a real option, but I wasn’t sure I was ready to head back overseas. When I realized I could do an agricultural apprenticeship domestically, I was sold.

From there things moved very quickly. Within 3 months I had 2 offers and had settled on Wyebrook.

All the waiting paid off. to be honest, but for my time in Brooklyn, I may never have developed an interest in agriculture. But here I am!

When God decides to move, it’s best to buckle your seatbelt.

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