Last day of work (yesterday). Last subway ride into the city (I think). Last Megabus ride home (now – blogging from my phone!).

Wednesday was my last “official” life group. I’ll be there next week but many of the girls can’t make it. I love my life group. They are what I will miss most about Brooklyn. Having these kind, thoughtful, creative, wise women in my life has been the most beautiful blessing.

But now I’m off to Florida with my sister and cousin for a ‘fun’ girls’ weekend. Though it’s up for debate whether running 13.1 miles counts as fun, even if it is through Disney! If nothing else it will be warm which will be a welcome change from Brooklyn.


I’ll take it.

2 thoughts on “Lasts

    • It was so much fun, but definitely more of an experience than a race. We ran it in 2:50 and finished in the top 36%. We could’ve gone much faster but the course is very narrow and people were walking and taking pictures so it was hard to get around. But still well worth it if you go in with the right mindset!

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