This Ain’t Brooklyn

I had an unexpected day off today. Steve didn’t need help with the chores and there wasn’t much going on in the market. Back in New York a random day off would have been cause for celebration, but not so here. This is about what my day looked like:

20130316_0015I wrote. I read. I caught up on some podcasts and blogs. Laura and I are supposed to be memorizing the New City Catechism together only I’ve been slacking so I worked on that. I vacuumed. I hung out with Lauren and Joe in the market. I thought about cleaning, but that’s on my Monday to-do list and I worried that if I did too much today I’d end up in the same predicament on Monday! The weather was pretty awful so a walk/run was out of the question.


20130316_0008I know things will change once the weather warms up and the café opens. I’m sure when that happens I’ll find myself wishing for these slow March days. Still I couldn’t help missing Brooklyn where my weekends were always full of farmers’ markets, coffee dates, runs in the park, baking, the library, a museum, church, brunch, yoga, the Brooklyn Flea…a 10-minute walk in any direction would provide some fun activity or distraction.

I knew things would be different here so I planned a to-do list for my “weekend” (Monday & Tuesday) to keep myself busy: laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, obtaining a pocket knife, running (weather permitting), working on the blog, writing some letters, etc. The list is long enough to keep me busy for two days of down time, but not for four.

I suppose this means I need to find a hobby. Baking isn’t an option because the kitchen here isn’t well stocked and I don’t feel like bringing all my stuff up only to get it all mixed up with the few things that are here. Canning is also out for that reason (and because nothing is in season at the moment). Ryan and Lexi (my housemates) probably wouldn’t appreciate a musical instrument. I have my camera and running shoes, but those are only useful on nice days. Any suggestions? Something quiet, cheap, and that doesn’t require a lot of space.

Thankfully, tomorrow is supposed to be nice so I’ll be able to get outside. I also may check out a local church, though I’m a bit hesitant because I didn’t pack any nice clothes, only jeans. I regularly wore jeans to church in Brooklyn, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the standards of a small-town Baptist church will be slightly different from those in NYC. I probably shouldn’t worry about such things, but I was raised Baptist and we wore dresses or skirts to church. Not dress pants and certainly not blue jeans. I know God doesn’t care, but I still worry about the impression I’ll make.




6 thoughts on “This Ain’t Brooklyn

  1. Hey Becca! Christin here. Love the blog! Doing some internet catching up this Sunday afternoon. Have you thought about taking up knitting or crocheting? And/or depending on how much you like to read, tackling a list like the list, 100 books to read before you die? Jewelry making could also be fun.

    • Hi Christin! Glad you are enjoying the blog. I do know how to knit, but I’m not very good at sticking with it. That tends to be my problem with all hobbies. Once I master the basics I get bored and move on to something new rather than sticking with it and practicing so I actually get good at it. I read a lot, but would like a hobby that actually produces something (so I should probably just stick with knitting!). I do like the idea of jewelry making…!

    • I do love puzzles! Good idea. I’m also planning on getting back into canning. My plan is to go home one weekend each month to make use of my parent’s lovely kitchen. Apple butter is on the list for this coming weekend. Fingers crossed!

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