Eating My Words

I was so overwhelmed by the amount of apple butter I ended up making that I went back and double checked the recipe. I could understand the projected amount being off by one or two jars, but six was excessive. I thought perhaps I had read it wrong and that it actually said “6 pint jars” rather than “6 half-pint jars.”

It definitely said the recipe would yield six half-pint jars (I ended up with 12), but I did figure out where I went wrong. The recipe called for six pound of apples, “peeled and cored only if necessary” (i.e. only if you lacked a food mill or Squeezo). I didn’t peel my apples (thanks, Mabel!), but did go ahead and core them. However, I weighed them AFTER I cored them when I probably should have weighed them first. That one was my mistake, not a deceptive recipe.

The lemon curd one was still wrong about the 6-9 minutes.

I am safely back at the farm and am looking forward to chores tomorrow morning. The daily routine will feel like a nice rest compared to the weekend canning extravaganza! According to, it is going to be a beautiful week!

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