Just Another Day

I knew this day would come. The day when the daily farm routine was just that. Routine. Up to now it has been so easy to write because I’ve been learning so much and everything has been new and exciting.

Today was just business as usual. We didn’t chase any goats. The dog didn’t eat any chickens. It was just another day. Things will pick up soon. We’ll be putting the broiler hens and cows out to pasture soon and will be getting more layers (450 more!) so that should keep us busy.

But until that happens I’ll have to find some interesting things to post about! Any suggestions?

3 thoughts on “Just Another Day

  1. We love following your posts. I’d like more stories about your decision to move from the city to the farm. And also about the farm you picked and how you found it. Not sure I understand that part of the story. More about the day to day is great too even if mundane. Thanks!

  2. The dog eats the chickens? I thought it was supposed to protect them from predators… :\
    I know what you mean about settling into a routine and feeling like there’s nothing new to write about. But I agree with lolo – I like reading your version of “mundane”. I loooooove the pictures, too – animals, landscapes, food, boots,… it’s all good.

    • She doesn’t eat them exactly. She kills them and then kind of abandons them. We’ve never seen it happen, but we think she probably starts “playing” with them and gets too rough. She is still just a puppy and will hopefully grow out of it!

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