Miracle “Drug”

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is one of my all-time favorite products, followed closely by coconut oil. Some people start their day with a cup of coffee. I start mine with a tablespoon of ACV and dash of cayenne pepper mixed in a large glass of water.

Gross, I know. It’s an acquired taste. Supposedly it helps balance your pH and boost your metabolism. It may just be a placebo, but it works because I feel much better when I drink it.

I also use it to rinse my hair, as a toner for my skin, as a cold or upset stomach remedy, mixed with oil as a salad dressing…there is no end to what you can do with it.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar (Photo credit: AndyRobertsPhotos)

Needless to say, I was thrilled today when Ryan gave me a jug of it to add to the cows’ water trough. Apparently it is good for bloat, which is a pretty nasty disease that can actually kill the cow if not caught and treated. All those micro-organisms in the rumen that allow cows to properly digest cellulose create a lot of gas. When the micro-organisms create more gas than the cow can expel (i.e. belch) or when something in the rumen prevents the gas from being expelled, you get bloat. The rumen swells and presses on other vital organs, including the lungs. It comes on and develops quickly and often the first sign of bloat is a dead cow. Adding ACV to their water is a natural preventative treatment.

Also, pigs are mean. “Mean” in the sense of petty, high school-esque Mean Girls. Our sick piglet needed another shot today so Steve and I helped Ryan catch him. As soon as Ryan had the little guy, he started squealing up a storm and all the other pigs came running to watch. No one tried to help him out. They just wanted to see the show. As soon as he stopped squealing, they all got bored and wandered back to whatever they had been doing.

They are still my favorite animals here. Both to watch and to eat!

4 thoughts on “Miracle “Drug”

  1. I am just becoming aquainted with it myself and am finding so many wonderful things to do with it. I’ve been afflicted pretty badly with heartburn a lot recently ( due to my baby being quite big and due in 3 1/2 weeks) and came across the idea to have a teaspoon or two each time. I thought it sounded crazy but the pain was too much and couldn’t have been worse than a dose of straight vinegar. It wasn’t too bad at all for taste (to my surprise) ,but was a fireball going down. I chased it with some water and within 10 minutes- the heartburn was gone! Wow, such a cheap and effective way to deal with a real pain and without harmful medications and unnatural things.

    • Wow! I don’t think I could take it straight. I dilute a tablespoon in 2 cups of water and that’s just about the right strength for me. Any more than that burns too much! I’m so glad to hear it’s helping with your heartburn. So much better than whatever chemicals are in Tums and other antacids.

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