Fickle Weather

Spring is coming. Slowly. The days this week have started out with so much promise. Sunshine. Warm temperatures (comparatively, at least). Green grass.

But by the afternoon things revert back to winter. As soon as we come back from lunch the skies cloud over and the winds pick up and we find ourselves wishing we’d thought to throw on another layer. Or two.

I’ve found that many farming conversations revolve around the weather. It seems to be the go-to topic of discussion.

Spring may not be ready to make her appearance just yet, but we are getting ready for her all the same. We spent a good chunk of the afternoon driving around the various pastures checking the fences to make sure everything is ready for the cows. We tightened wires and made notes of areas that need attention. It was a productive afternoon. All of us – cows included – are itching to get the cows out to pasture.

Remember this picture I posted a few days ago of what the barn looks like after we spray it down with straw?

20130322-172051.jpgHere’s a “before picture:”

20130329_0002The straw definitely makes a big difference.

With each passing day I become more fond of the pigs. I’ve made my thoughts on chickens & goats pretty clear. The cows and sheep are fine, but they are like babies. They eat and poop and that’s about it. Pigs are adorable. They are curious. They come greet you at the gate and nibble on your boots. And they frolic. As we drove around checking fences, a group of piglets were chasing each other around the pen. It looked like they were playing tag. My grandparents raised pigs so I may be genetically predisposed to prefer them, but they are definitely my favorite of all the animals we have here.

5 thoughts on “Fickle Weather

  1. Pigs are about as intelligent as dogs I believe; that must be what makes them more interactive and fun to watch. Glad these piglets get to romp around (the chickens, goats, and cows too).

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