More Cooking (No Canning)

Chances are good that if I’m not working or writing I’m in the kitchen attempting to cook something. Attempting being the key word.

This weekend’s adventures included sweet potato biscuits with sausage gravy for Easter Sunday breakfast. Both these recipes are keepers. If you have leftover gravy, you’ll need to add more milk or cream when you reheat it.

I also made more honey roasted peanut butter, but I wasn’t paying attention during the roasting so the peanuts were a bit on the burnt side. Oh well!


Manda and I were both running out of mayonnaise so I used Mabel to whip up another batch. Yes, I make my own mayo. With raw eggs. It hasn’t killed me yet. This time we decided to lacto ferment the mayo which should, in theory, extend the shelf life. I haven’t tried it yet, but am hoping it doesn’t affect the taste too much.

20130401_0013I started a new batch of vanilla extract. I currently have plenty, but the beans need to soak for several months so I figured I’d go ahead and get more started now.


Next up was 100% whole wheat bread. Mabel the wonder blender actually made this. There truly is nothing she can’t do. I even started with whole wheat berries (i.e. grains/kernels) rather than wheat flour. She ground the berries and kneaded the dough. All I had to do was pour it into the pan and bake it. It turned out very nicely.


Yes, the cutting board is shaped like a pig. My daddy made it. My mom and Manda have one, too.

And finally, I made cheese! Mozzarella, to be exact.


This wasn’t my first cheese attempt. I’ve made ricotta before, but I’m not sure that counts since you don’t have to stretch or shape it. Cheese is my favorite food and the main reason I could never be a vegan. I’d been eyeing this cheese making kit for some time and finally caved. The process was surprisingly easy though the final product was a bit bland (I forgot to add the salt) and tough. I suspect it was my fault for stretching it too much. But practice makes perfect, right? I see a lot more cheese making in my future. Once I’ve mastered mozzarella, maybe I’ll move on to cheddar and my beloved Colby jack!

3 thoughts on “More Cooking (No Canning)

  1. Ditto what Kristen said!
    Biscuits and gravy is my family’s Christmas morning meal. I always start out with a small serving, but then end up going back for 2nds, 3rds,… 🙂

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