Philly Farm & Food Fest 2013

Fantastic day! My feet ache and my throat is raw, but that doesn’t bother me one bit. The Philly Farm & Food Fest was spectacular. It was superbly well organized, all the vendors were friendly, and the food was delicious. A huge shout out to the wonderful organizers and sponsors who made it possible. 

It was good that we got there early and had a chance to explore because once the doors opened, we barely had time to breathe. It was so encouraging to be in a room that was literally filled with people who care about local, sustainable food. We had a few loyal customers stop by the table, but most people had never heard of Wyebrook so we were able to spread the word and hopefully we drummed up a lot of business for the café this summer. There were several vendors selling grass-fed beef and pastured pork, but our restaurant definitely set us apart.

Some of my favorite discoveries from the day:

And there were so many more I didn’t get to check out! Bakeries, honey & maple syrup, organic farms & CSAs, coffee, sauces, nut butters, cheeses, and more! You could have filled your whole grocery list. LOCALLY! Just think of how cool that is.

Also, for anyone getting ready to start their spring gardening, be sure to check out Organic Mechanics. These guys are awesome! They have everything you need: potting soil, fertilizer, mulch. All natural and organic. Longwood Gardens uses their products so you know it’s good stuff.

At the end of the day, after we helped pack up and loaded the van, Lauren and I accidentally on-purpose took the long way back to the parking garage. We thought there was a shorter way, but wanted to walk off all the bread and hummus so we stuck to the route we knew. (Un)fortunately that led us past Reading Terminal. We popped in to check out the Fair Food Farmstand, an outlet of Fair Food Philly – one of the organizers of the Farm Fest. This was a mistake. They had one lone bottle of Trickling Springs dark chocolate milk and we just couldn’t leave it there all by its lonesome. Then we found some pink pepper pistachio brittle from Cookie Confidential. At that point we were so far gone food wise we figured “what the heck?” At least we didn’t eat it all ourselves. We tried it and brought the rest back to share with Lexi, Joe, & Mike who held down the fort back at the farm all day.

My body is in a carb coma at the moment. It will be a few days before I fully recover. But knowing it was all local somehow justifies it all, right?

4 thoughts on “Philly Farm & Food Fest 2013

  1. Sounds like a highly successful event for Wyebrook and all the vendors. Glad that there are lots of folks there voting with their wallets for local sustainable food.

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