The Grass is Greener

Pastured bovines are happy bovines.20130417_0010


We are slowly but surely getting everyone out to pasture where they belong. The calves went out first and they are loving it! They were running around, chasing each other, and effectively mowing the grass for us. A win-win. Although, it does mean that we now have to move them to a new pasture every day which means that our days now start at 7:00 rather than 7:30. It may get pushed back to 6:30 or even 6:00 once we get everyone out. But given the option, I’d rather start early and finish early.

The cows and heifers are still in the barn and you can tell they are jealous. They stand at the fence staring at the calves mooing pathetically. We hope to have everyone out by early next week. Fingers crossed!

We moved our second batch of broiler chicks out to pasture today. The grass inside the houses is growing like crazy since the houses are practically greenhouses. We worried they’d get lost because the grass was that high. This is what it looked like before we put the chicks in:

20130417_0004And after:

20130417_0008By the time we move the house on Friday or Saturday, that grass will be all but gone. Those guys can eat!

It really is amazing how quickly the grass took off. It went from no growth to up to my knees in a matter of days. Last week’s rain and warm temps worked their magic.

20130417_0014Also, did you know that bees have to be fed? When there isn’t enough pollen out for them to feed on, they can happily live on sugar water. We had five hives installed last week and all of them were out of “food” so yours truly was tasked¬†with refueling them. Like father, like daughter. Only I didn’t need (i.e. have) a crazy suit.






7 thoughts on “The Grass is Greener

  1. I did NOT know that bees can be fed by people. I also didn’t know that chickens eat grass! I thought they only ate chicken feed – whatever that is.

    • Chickens eat anything! They eat grass, bugs, grain (which is what most chicken feed is), kitchen scraps, their own eggs…! They certainly aren’t picky.

    • Thanks! I’ve taken so many pictures of grass in the past few days. I just can’t get over how much it’s grown and how green it’s turned in the past week.

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