After two full days of weeding (plus one last week and more to do tomorrow), I understand why so many farmers caved to Mosanto’s “miracle” product – Roundup. Twenty minutes of spraying instead of hours kneeling in the dirt. About 2 hours in, my knees and back were practically begging for Roundup! But, as my mother would say, it builds character.

While the process wasn’t much fun, there is something very satisfying about seeing the tangible results of your labor. I can see the difference from when I started this morning to when I called it quits this afternoon. It’s not some vague profit number or a spreadsheet claiming I achieved something. I can point to the flower bed and say “See? I did that!” You don’t get that from spraying.



I did have some help. Pearl picked at some of the weeds, but after a few minutes decided dog food was tastier.



See how nice and clear the bed is behind Pearl? This morning it looked like the 1st picture. How’s that for tangible results?

I did my best to avoid killing any earthworms. As a kid I would’ve happily let them dry out in the sun, but not these days. Will Allen and the documentary Fresh forever changed my view of these slimy little creatures. They may be funny looking, but they are a gardener’s best friend turning compost into the richest soil you’ll find. This guy was particularly large, about 10 inches when fully stretched out.



In other news, remember the cow that died the other week? The one that had the rectal prolapse? Well, today we had a sheep with a uterine prolapse. She gave birth sometime last night/early this morning and pushed her uterus out right along with the lamb. Gross, huh? Makes you happy to be human, right? Laurel (Ryan’s fiancé) and I held her down while Ryan put her back together. Normally he would have called the vet to come take care of it, but the vet is on vacation in Georgia. It was interesting to say the least.

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