I am pleased to report that everyone survived opening weekend! And we had a lot of fun, too. What could have been a tense, high-stress weekend was really enjoyable. I work with some truly spectacular people.

Today’s tours went well. The “tourists” were engaged and interested and asked a lot of good questions. We have such a wide variety of customers and it’s fun getting to talk to people and hear why they come to Wyebrook. For some it’s all about the taste, for some it’s the environmental/ethical aspect, for some it’s convenience, for some it’s pure curiosity. Everyone’s at a different place in their relationship with their food which makes for great conversation. One guy this morning definitely knew more than I did and probably could have led the tour for me! On the other end of the spectrum we have those who look back with blank stares when I use terms like “sustainable agriculture.” That’s one of the things I love about Wyebrook. The café draws such a diverse crowd – who doesn’t love burgers and live music? – and opens up channels of communication with people who otherwise might never think about how their food was raised and prepared. The hope is that once they see and taste the difference, they’ll start to care about sustainability as much as we do!

There were quite a few questions on the tours about breeding practices, gestational periods, etc. which I didn’t have answers to so I’ve got some homework to do before next weekend. I think I’ll map out birth-to-slaughter and birth-to-reproduction timelines for each of the animals we have so I can get it all straight in my head.

4 thoughts on “Phew!

  1. You might want to take pictures of your “maps” once they’re done and post them here. Could make a great reference tool and draw others to your blog. I confess I didn’t know anything about “sustainable agriculture” and such prior to GGF. But you write about these things in a way that makes learning about them interesting and enjoyable. And it’s important stuff… so the more readers, the better. But no matter how popular this blog gets, please keep posting about the “mundane” as well. I love hearing about Mabel, boots, weeds, chicken-dog, etc. 😀

    • I am so glad you are enjoying it and don’t worry! The mundane will always be the staple of my posts. The main point of the blog is to keep you all (friends and family) informed of my adventures! I won’t be neglecting that.

  2. “The hope is that once they see and taste the difference, they’ll start to care about sustainability as much as we do!” Sounds great to me! Glad the day was a success.

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