Chicken 101

We moved our third batch of broilers up to pasture today. The oldest group will be ready for slaughter next Thursday. I am more than ready for some fresh chicken.

Speaking of chickens, I figured it was about time for another farm education post. After this, you will hopefully speak fluent chicken!

Rooster: male domestic fowl

Hen: female domestic fowl

Pullet: female under a year old

Chick: young chicken

Bantam: small variety of chicken (think pinschers and mini pins)

Broiler: chicken raised for meat

Layer: chicken raise for eggs

Dual-purpose: a chicken breed used for eggs or meat

Comb: fleshy crown on top of the head

Wattles: flesh that dangles under the beak

We got a new rooster today. He was a city rooster who’s owner’s neighbors didn’t appreciate his crowing. I’m not a fan of chickens, but I do like him. According to my “Know Your Chickens” book, silkies are native to Asia (probably why I like him) and were originally sold as a rabbit-chicken hybrid. Only in Asia… Also, their meat is a grey-black color and the females do not lay any eggs during the summer months. This isn’t him, but it’s what he looks like.

SIlkie Chicken

SIlkie Chicken (Photo credit: Just chaos)

I am calling him Sir Fluffkins. I know you aren’t supposed to name farm animals, but since we don’t eat the roosters, I figured it would be OK. He’ll get his own post of pictures one day soon. He’s just that cool.

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