Solanum Carolinense

We were out moving cows and I smelled something mint-y. Mint is supposed to be a natural bug repellant and the flies were annoying to I thought I’d try picking some mint to stick in my pocket to keep them at bay. I looked around and found a plant that looked kind of like mint and reached down to pick a leaf.

Big mistake.

The plant I thought was mint was actually solanum carolinense, a.k.a horsenettle, tread softly or the apple of Sodom. It is poisonous and burns like crazy when you touch it. The fruit, which I’m told resembles a tomato (they aren’t in bloom yet), is deadly.

Thankfully, I had barely brushed it with my finger when it started burning. It kept on burning for a good hour or so longer. Not fun. I learned my lesson. Don’t touch strange plants! I think I’d rather get shocked by the cow fence than touch horsenettle. Here’s what it looks like:

Branch and flowers of Solanum carolinense

Branch and flowers of Solanum carolinense (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tomorrow is our first farmer’s breakfast. On the first Saturday of the month we’ll be taking people on a walking tour to gather eggs. Once they are collected, guests come back to the cafe for a delicious breakfast of our eggs, sausage, etc. Prayers said and fingers crossed that chicken-dog doesn’t terrorize any small children!

Sir Fluffkin was much happier in his new home last night. Too happy. He’d been very quiet since his arrival which made me wonder why his city neighbors had been so opposed to him. We found out this morning. Well, Ryan found out. We’d built Sir Fluffkin’s pen on the north side of the house, right under Ryan’s window. He began crowing this morning even before the sun was up! It’s not really a normal crow. It kind of sounds like he’s dying. But I looked it up on YouTube and apparently that’s what he’s supposed to sound like.

We also got 15 new piglets. I am completely in love with them. They are all 25-30 pounds and as cute as can be. I’ll post pictures soon.

Until then, if you’ve ever considered getting a pet chicken or rooster, but didn’t want to deal with the mess, you are in luck. They now make chicken diapers. Seriously, who comes up with this stuff? Better yet, who buys it??

7 thoughts on “Solanum Carolinense

  1. You know what the Rooster reminded me off… your birthday candle on the first time it played Monday night! Love it!

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