The farmer’s breakfast this morning was a huge hit! We had about 40 people come for it and everyone seemed to have a good time. We only had a few egg casualties and chicken-dog was so scared of our large group that she spent the whole time hiding under the chicken house and didn’t jump on anyone.

I led the group out to the chicken house and told them about our rotational grazing system as we went. Once we got out to the house, the kids collected all the eggs. It went a bit faster than I’d expected so we took a detour up to see the broiler chickens before heading back down to the café where Mike had breakfast waiting for us. Scrambled eggs. Roasted potatoes. Maple sausage. Sourdough toast. Local apple cider, hot & iced coffee, and raw milk. So delicious! I was surprised to see that the scrapple was the biggest hit. Several people said it was the best they’d ever had.

Scrapple, for those who don’t know, is Pennsylvania Dutch pork dish. Basically, you boil the offal (heart, head, liver, etc.) with some cornmeal and seasoning until it thickens into a mush. You then shape that mush into a loaf, slice it and pan fry it. It is so famous in this area that it even has its own festival – the Apple Scrapple Festival – held in Bridgeville, DE every October. I think I just might have to go this year. Maybe I should take some Wyebrook scrapple and see how it measures up!

Sir Fluffkin had a somewhat stressful day. As stressful as a day can be for a pampered rooster. I took him fresh water this afternoon and he tried to bite me! I want him to be handled as much as possible so he is completely comfortable around humans, but I think today might have been overwhelming for him. Too many people too soon. I brought him out at the breakfast so all the kids could pet him and he was great with them. He was also very popular with our café and market guests and I think it was just all a bit much. By the time I went to play with him, he’d just had enough. Hopefully he calms down by tomorrow morning.


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  1. LOL Maybe Sir Fluffkin is an introvert. I’ve been known to bite under similar circumstances… 😉 Maybe Chicken-dog is too!
    That breakfast does sound wonderful. I can just imagine the aromas! I’d heard of scrapple, but didn’t know what it was. I’m having a hard time getting the image of a boiling head out of my mind, but I’m sure the result is tasty. I’d try it.

    • Sir Fluffkin is definitely an introvert! Chicken-dog is just…special. I’ve actually never tried scrapple either, but it is on my list for this summer. I want to watch Mike make it sometime. I bet it’s interesting! I love that we have a kitchen and prepare everything here.

    • I mean, Philly has lot of fun races if you are looking for an excuse to come east. And the Runner’s World Festival is in Bethlehem, PA which is about 1.5 hours away. And I always love visitors!

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