Baggin’ Birds

This post is dedicated to my best friend Laura who served as my trusty science partner throughout middle and high school, carrying out every dissection while I watched from a safe distance.

Ok. Yesterday. Where do I start? I guess at 6:30.


On the farm side of things, the day began at 6:30 a.m. The chicken guys kill and clean the birds, but we package them. We bag them and then dunk them in hot water. This vacuum seals the bags and helps keep the birds fresh for the market. I bagged while Ryan dunked them. Steve got all the animals fed while we worked on the chickens.

Chickens waiting to be bagged

Chickens waiting to be bagged

Once they were bagged, we had to package the other bits: feet, livers, hearts, and gizzards. Yum! Steve was mowing and weed whacking and Ryan needed to get down to Lundale to check on the steers. That left me to deal with the innards and thus why I dedicated this post to Laura. I hope you are proud of me, Laura!

After lunch I power washed the trailer. It took me a while to get the hang of the pressure washer, especially in the confined space of the trailer, but after a few false starts I figured out how to avoid splashing manure water all over myself.

Things wrapped up on the farm side and I ran in for a quick shower and then joined the market/kitchen team to help with our first ever Friday night dinner. I love the idea of the farm-to-table restaurants that are cropping up, but I love Dean’s idea even more of bringing the restaurant to the farm. We’ll be doing a 3-course dinner every Friday night that is a step above our café burgers and fries. The idea is to showcase our products, as well as local, seasonal produce. Last night was salad with a fried egg, baked chicken and pork tenderloin with asparagus and roasted potatoes, and strawberry rhubarb pie!

The dinner went well. The kitchen was chaotic, but I don’t think the guests noticed. At least I hope they didn’t. They were too busy enjoying the delicious food! And we learned a lot of good lessons that we’ll be able to use going forward. If you are in the area, keep an eye on our website for future menus.

Sir Fluffkin has not been enjoying the weather lately. We moved him into the shed with the broiler chicks because of all the storms. I hope to get him a shelter soon (hint, hint Daddy!), but until that happens I don’t want him left outside to fend for himself in all this rain. He’s very confused by all the chicks running about and clearly has no idea that he is of the same species. He comes to greet me every time I go to feed them and seems to say “Hey, get me out of here!” Soon, little buddy. Soon.



Tonight’s cooking adventure was definitely the highlight of the week. I roasted my first chicken. Not just any chicken. A chicken I raised. A chicken that I caught for slaughter not two days ago. Twisted? Yes. But I doubt you have ever appreciated a chicken as much as I did this one. I’ve been eating our meat since I arrived, but this felt different. The cows and pigs have all been around since before I arrived and they are slaughtered off site. I was directly involved in every aspect of this chicken’s life from its arrival here at 3 days old until it was slaughtered on Thursday. It is strange and saddening and exciting all at once.

Oh, and it was delicious.

5 thoughts on “Baggin’ Birds

  1. Beautiful sunrise pic!
    Oh my. Heads. Manure water.
    Dinner and dessert… mmmmm.
    Sir Flulffkin! 🙂
    Two proud accomplishments.
    So much in such a small space, and well told.
    This may be my favorite post so far.

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