Country Girl Goes to the City

My grandmother sent me the best birthday present: a two-page, hand-written letter of stories from her life growing up and living on a farm! I love hearing stories about her life and experiences because she and my grandfather influenced my decision to get involved with agriculture. I asked her if I could publish it here and she said that would be fine. In her own words…


“Happy birthday Apr. 27-2-13

City Girl Gone Farming 2013 (Becca)

I have enjoyed reading your adventures in agriculture. Things seem to be repeating some of the things I did in my early years. I never thought I would have a granddaugther in farming, but I guess some of the genes passed down. I do hope you enjoy the change from city to country life.

Country life is healthy, before so many chemicals is being used.

Country Girl Goes to City (Raleigh, NC 2011)*

I will give you a brief history of my teenage and early adult life. I was born on the farm – July 30-1920 – and grew up working outdoor jobs. We had pigs, chickens, cows, mules. Early years farm work was done with mules and horses. Guess you remember seeing some of the old equipment in our barns. I also helped fix straw in pig pens and cow stalls. We went in the woods and got the pine straw for the pig pens and stalls. Milking cows was another job I did for a few years. We saved the cream and churned our own butter. I can remember shaking the cream in jars until it turned to butter. Later years we got a churn turned by hand and later we got electric one. Shows how time changes things.

I also helped with pigs. When Granddad gave them shots or cut out teeth in the baby pigs I usually helped him. Sometimes in the real cold weather we put them in the basket and brought them in by stove for a few hours. One exciting time was when we were in pen cutting out teeth, the sow jumped the fence and came in pen. (This was your dad’s red sow.) I was on top of shelter in a flash. I never know how I got up there!

I helped in field work many years before I was married and after I was married. I enjoyed it.

I liked my garden and flowers, cutting grass, and did work in them until a few years ago. I also liked cooking and canning.

Seems like things really changed.

I hope you continue to enjoy your work and helping people see the need to change some of their diets.

Well, city life has been quite different. I look out and wish I was able to get out in (the) yard to do something, but things has been good. The children are great in helping and taking care of me. May the Lord bless them and you also.

Read I John 3:1-10, St. John 13:31-35

Wishing you the best in future (city or farming).

Lots of love to our country girl,


*My grandparents left the farm in 2011 to live with my aunt in Raleigh, NC.


5 thoughts on “Country Girl Goes to the City

  1. It must have been very hard for her to leave such a beautiful place, especially after living there for so long. I’ll bet she has a ton of stories. And to have seen so much change and history over the years… she was alive during the period season 3 of Downton Abbey portrays!

    I had to look up what she meant by cutting the piglets’ teeth. Never heard of that before. My new factoid for the day. 🙂

    • She definitely does have some great stories! She is a very cool woman. I’m hoping she and my aunt come up to visit this summer. It’s a long shot, but I’m trying!

      • Give it a try then. Go with your heart. Don’t give it up if you’re not good either. The desire has to be there first before anything can become good. Lots of people quit, saying they’re not good so should do something else. Your pictures are a wonderful muse. Did you take them yourself? The compositions are good.

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