An Allergic Dilemma


If Thursday was the best day at the farm thus far, thanks to entertainment from Bob, Friday was the worst.


It had nothing to do with the work or the weather. Both of those were fine. In fact, it was a beautiful day and we kept busy without anything crazy happening which is about all you can ask for, right? Although we did have eight layers fly the coop. The fence was on and there were no gaps so I’m not sure how they got out. I suspect the dog cornered them and in a moment of clarity they remember how to fly. As soon as they were out, they forgot. No, it wasn’t the work that made Friday so miserable. It was allergies.


Yesterday’s attack put last Thursday’s chicken-slaughter attack to shame. I have no idea what set it off. We didn’t catch chickens or spend extended amounts of time in the broiler houses. I guess it could have just been the grass and pollen, but I am out in those every day and haven’t had a problem yet. The weather has dried out a bit. Maybe the rain and dew were keeping the pollen from becoming airborne. Whatever it is, it got to me yesterday. There was one point where I couldn’t smell, see, taste or hear. That was fun. Even my netti pot, which has never failed me, couldn’t break through the congestion.


I really don’t want to take medicine for it. I’m not against medicine, per se, but I see it as a last resort. The human body is an amazing organism that, when given the right resources, always works to heal itself from the inside out. I think western medicine has done marvels in terms of emergency and trauma care, but I don’t like our tendency to dish out pills like candy for every little ailment. For chronic issues, like allergies or arthritis, I tend towards eastern medicine with its more mild herbal remedies, massage therapy and acupuncture. I just don’t like the idea of being tied to a pill that alleviates my symptoms, but does nothing to affect the underlying cause.


Actually, it’s a brilliant scheme on the drug companies’ part. Create a medication that will make people feel better without actually curing them. They become dependent on that drug and the company scores a life-long customer.


Anyway, I’ve got two supplements – bromelain and quercetin – that I am going to try and I’ll be looking for some nettle leaf tea this weekend. I also read this interesting article about how certain foods can trigger seasonal allergies. Given that I eat raw apples, almonds, and carrots almost every day, I think I may need to reevaluate my dietary choices, at least until I get through spring. I’ve also been eating sauerkraut with every meal as probiotics supposedly help. But if this doesn’t get better, I may have to pay homage to the pharma-gods and get some Zyrtec.


Thankfully I was able to take it easy today. We just did the 12:00 tour so that Dean, Ryan and I could head over to Lancaster for Steve’s wedding! It was beautiful and the rain held off until after the ceremony. Congratulations, Steve!


2 thoughts on “An Allergic Dilemma

  1. You have arthritis? Sorry to hear about your allergy attack! I hope whatever is causing it turns out to be something you can avoid.

    • Sorry, no arthritis! Not yet, at least. I see how that was confusing. I was just using it as an example of a chronic ailment I believe better treated with Eastern medicine.

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