Photo Catch-up

I’ve been a bit slack about posting pictures. Sorry about that! But really, how many pictures of cows do you all want to see? I’ve been taking a few with my phone and I finally got around to taking my camera to a shop to get the sensor cleaned. Maybe I’ll be more inclined to use it when I no longer need to Photoshop out splotches.

Bob seems to be settling in with the layers. She still likes to hang out under the house, but also spends plenty of time out in the sun. Honestly, I think she’s just scared of being outside since she’s lived “indoors” (in the shed and then the broiler house) up to this point. It was raining the day we moved her down and I don’t think she’d ever experienced rain!

 Bob in her new hideout
Bob in her new hideout

Mom and dad stopped at Virginia Tech on their way home from North Carolina the other week and they couldn’t resist getting me this t-shirt in the bookstore. I needed a new Tech shirt so this is pretty perfect!

Dad got me a t-shirt when he stopped by Tech the other weekend

A new coffee shop, Drip Cafe, opened up near my parent’s so mom and I stopped in the other day while running errands. Their menu says they source as much of their menu from local/sustainable/organic sources which intrigued me. I didn’t have time to chat with any of the staff about their practices and policies, but hope to next time I stop in. Their house blend coffee is called “Farm Girl” so I had to get a cup. Sadly, it wasn’t very good. It actually tasted sour. Maybe it had been sitting too long and I should give it another chance.

The house blend at a new coffee shop near my parent's. Too bad it wasn't very good.

I picked up some groceries this afternoon and was excited to see more local stuff. I got so excited that I grabbed a bag of French breakfast radishes without having a good plan for their future. I may try roasting some of them.

Local French breakfast radishes

I also got local tomatoes that were hydroponically grown. I’d been tempted by them before but had always convinced myself they’d be bland and mealy and a complete waste of money. Today I caved and got a pack. They are surprisingly good. Definitely not the best tomato I’ve ever had, but far from the worst. I gave one to my dad without telling him how it had been grown to see what he thought and he said it tasted like a tomato. When I told him, he was also surprised at the quality of the taste and texture. They are definitely better than conventionally grown tomatoes shipped from Mexico or Chile.

Local hydroponically grown tomatoes.

I have a new kitchen experiment going on: sauerkraut. This is my first attempt at fermentation and I’m a bit nervous. I don’t actually have a fermentation crock so I’m hoping the mason jars work. MAson jars work for everything, right? I’ll find out in a few weeks if I have jars filled with awesome homemade probiotic goodness or stinky rotten cabbage.

My first attempt at sauerkraut

The irises at home are in full bloom! Irises are one of my favorite flowers. They remind me of my sorority days (the iris was our flower). Yes, I was in a sorority. How I went from pearls and heels to baseball caps and muck boots in five short years is still a mystery.

My favorite irises

My favorite irises. They are originally from my grandparents’ farm in VA, but dad brought some bulbs back to DE and they have flourished.

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