Swine 101

Pigs are, by far, my favorite animals here at the farm. They are adorable which puts them above the chickens. They are also very smart which puts them above the cows who are obedient and docile, but not overly smart. Pigs are curious. Pigs are friendly. Pigs are fun. Pigs make bacon. The best animals. The best food.

Fun fact about pigs: they don’t sweat. That’s why they like to roll around in mud. This is called wallowing and it is their way of cooling off when it gets hot out.

Hog/swine: other words for pigs

Sow: a female pig

Gilt: a young sow

Boar: an uncastrated male pig

Piglet: a baby pig under eight weeks old

Shoat: a young pig that has just been weaned

Farrow: to give birth; a litter of piglets

4 thoughts on “Swine 101

    • That’s so exciting! Is it mama’s first litter? If so, keep a close eye on things as some sows accidentally step on or smother their piglets. And be careful with her as even the friendliest pigs can become aggressive when they have piglets.

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