Today hardly felt like a day off as things were pretty much go-go-go from the time I woke up until, well, now.


I spent the morning running errands and catching up on laundry. I also made some ghee, which is pretty much just butter from which you remove the dairy proteins by boiling and straining it. I like ghee because it has a higher burn point than butter so is better for frying things. It’s just so expensive to buy! Luckily, it is easy to make. I use Alton Brown’s recipe. If your pan gets all crusty, just fill it with water and dish soap and bring it to a boil. You’ll be able to wipe the gunk right out.

Ghee done

Ghee done (Photo credit: ljguitar)

Lunch provided a nice break of catching up with an old friend! After that I crammed in a 3-mile run (on the treadmill) before hopping on the lawn mower for my dad. At the farm or at home, I can’t get away from John Deere.


John Deere green logo

John Deere green logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once the grass was cut I grabbed some buckets and headed to the garden to pick strawberries. About halfway through the patch dad came home and joined me. We picked a ton!



Mom was working so dad and I steamed some fresh broccoli and sautéed some snow peas (in the ghee I’d made) for dinner. All straight from the garden! It doesn’t get any better. I made béchamel sauce to go with it. It was my first attempt at béchamel and I forgot to heat the stock first so when I added it to the flour/butter mixture, it refused to thicken. So, I just mixed up some more butter and flour and added the now hot, but unthickened sauce to that. Worked like a charm and tasted delicious on top of the broccoli.


Now I’m working on making liquid pectin from granny smith apples. Several of my jam recipes call for liquid pectin but all the commercial stuff has chemicals and preservatives that I’d rather avoid. So I’m *trying* to make my own. Here’s hoping it works because canning is on the agenda for next weekend. Vanilla rhubarb jam with Earl Grey and strawberry jam with Thai herbs.


One thought on “Productive

  1. I just read about ghee for the first time the other day. Great to have a recipe the very next day! I suppose I’ve probably had it in Indian cooking before without realizing it. Sounds like you can use it as a substitute for any kind of oil, that right? Would have been handy tonight. We made kale chips for shrimp tacos and had to use the tail ends of our sesame seed and olive oil. We even added some melted duck fat that we still have from the farmers’ market.

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