The Battle Lost

But not the war.

I caved and got Claritin.

The quercitin/bromelain tablets had been working. At least I thought they had. But then I had another attack. Between work and half marathon training, not being able to breathe is not an option.

However, I don’t plan to stay on it long term. My mom was actually the one who suggested going on allergy meds for a short time to get my histamine levels under control and then to try switching back to the natural and herbal options. So I’m going to take the Claritin at full dose for a bit and then slowly wean myself off of it. I’m hoping it has a similar effect to allergy shots where I’m able to build up a tolerance for the things that trigger these attacks (chickens, pollen, etc.). I’ll start taking one pill a day, then every other day, then every third day, and so forth until I am off of it completely.

Before heading back to the farm, I snagged some strawberries, spinach, broccoli, and snap peas from dad’s garden. It’s good being a farmer’s daughter. I can’t wait for tomato season. I’ve been craving gazpacho lately!

I took my camera in for a long overdue cleaning the other week. Camera’s Etc. in Newark did a fantastic job! No more weird spots on my photos. Now that I have it back I’m ready to get out and play! Especially since I managed to scratch the lens on my iPhone camera.

3 thoughts on “The Battle Lost

  1. Gorgeous pics!
    When my allergies were bad, I had to take Claritin-D because Claritin by itself didn’t help much. Thought you should know in case you have the same problem. You could also try halving the tablets to decrease the dosage. I did that with Benadryl (because of drowsiness) before Claritin came along and it still worked well. Hope tomorrow’s better!

  2. I have absolutely terrible allergies, too. If I don’t start a daily dose of meds BEFORE the season starts, I get so sick that all my Spring days are lost. I’ve been slowly trying to wean myself off over-the-counters in lieu of natural local honey and ALJ supplements… I’m wondering, what are your specific natural remedies? People aren’t very enthusiastic about those methods in my part of Missouri, so I’m on a bit of an information island out here…

    • I use raw local honey and quercetin/bromelain tablets. They definitely help, but not enough. My netti pot has also been a life saver. I’d be lost without it! I’m thinking I didn’t start the supplements. Like you said, I really should have started before allergy season hit rather than waiting until after I had my first attack. Live and learn, right?

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