A Little Slice of Heaven

If I were in charge of designing heaven, it would be a farmer’s market. They are the happiest places on earth. No offense, Disney. I love Disney as much as the next person, but think about it. Disney is full of sugared-up, over-excited children and their exhausted/frustrated parents, long lines and over-priced food. That doesn’t sound too happy to me.

A farmer’s market is another story. Everyone is happy to be there. They are filled with quality food sold by good people. Find a farmer’s market and pay it a visit. Spend a few minutes talking to the vendors and you’ll understand. They are the nicest people you’ll meet and they genuinely love what they do. The farmers, of course, are the best. (As opposed to the vendors selling granola, nut butters, baked goods, etc.) Not that I’m biased or anything.

Why am I gushing on farmer’s markets? Well, after months of withdraw I finally got to go to one! A real one. Wyebrook has a stand at the Malvern farmer’s market. Lauren and Bryan had been going, but Bryan is getting ready to open a butcher shop in Philly and doesn’t have time to go anymore. While Lauren could handle selling by herself, set-up and tear-down are 2-person tasks and it’s nice to have an extra person when things get crazy. Of course I volunteered! The plan is that I will be at the farmer’s market every Saturday except the weekends of the farmer’s breakfasts here at the farm.

It was a wet but promising morning as we loaded the truck. The sun was out and things were starting to dry off after a very wet Friday evening.



SONY DSCOur rogue rooster was still wandering about. Have I mentioned him? He is another city rescue rooster, but not nearly as cool as Sir Fluffkin. He escaped his first home (with the layers) and his second home (the fancy new chicken house) and has been hanging out in the courtyard for the past few days. That’s just life on the farm!


SONY DSCWe loaded up White Lightening – the old farm truck – and hit the road. WL’s tailgate had been acting up and refusing to stay closed which made us a bit nervous. We’d triple checked it before hitting the road (and made sure nothing would slide out should it pop open). All was well until we were about 2 miles out from the market. The tail few open, but thankfully our precautions in weighing everything down paid off and nothing fell out. We made it to the park with our cooler, table and tent intact!

White Lightening, photo courtesy of Lauren

White Lightening, photo courtesy of Lauren

The market was great! Lauren knew everyone and introduced me around as we set up our booth.


20130608_0048We sold out of bacon (duh) and sausage and only had a few steaks and one pack of chicken left when it was time to close. For being an overcast, slightly cold day, I’d say that was pretty good. We packed up and then faced the challenged of securing WL’s tailgate.

Thankfully, it’s a farm truck which means there were assorted bungee cords and straps strewn about the cab. With a little ingenuity and help from a new friend, we secured our wares and were on our way.

You know what they say about Fords, right? Should've gone with a Chevy.

You know what they say about Fords, right? Found On Road Dead. Should’ve gone with a Chevy.

Subject change: Chicken-dog ate her muzzle. Yep. Steve took it off her this morning as we always do and hid it in the chicken house. She found it and tore it all to pieces. I’m taking bets on whether she kills a chicken tonight or not.


6 thoughts on “A Little Slice of Heaven

    • I’ve heard that one, too. Though I will say my grandfather’s old Ford served him well for probably close to 30 years. Now that is a truck I would love to have!

    • She’s definitely smarter than we give her credit for being. Her new muzzle arrived yesterday and thankfully she didn’t kill any chickens in the few days she was without it!

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