Rescued by Rob

I think I should make Rob a superhero cape because he once again came to my rescue.

It was just one of those days. Not a bad day. Just unpredictable and a bit crazy.

Lauren and I got on the road for the farmer’s market around 7:30. As we pulled on to 322 she noticed White Lightening was low on gas so we pulled into the first station that had diesel fuel.

Turns out WL has two gas tanks. We were confused. We called Ryan but he didn’t answer. We texted Rob but he didn’t reply. Finally I called my dad for help.

Dad’s first question? “Are you sure it runs on diesel?” Followed by “Are you at a diesel pump?” Thanks for the vote of confidence, dad! We answered yes to both and he confirmed that it likely had two tanks and we only needed to fill one.

We made it safely to the market and were immediately informed that the health inspector was making the rounds. Enter panic mode. We were prepared for, even expecting, this. It still made us a nervous wreck. After all selling strawberries is very different from selling raw meat.

Of course we were fine. The only issue was not having our license displayed. We had an electronic copy, but not a paper copy. Now we know and will have it with us from here on out. Our nerves were still a bit frayed. Thankfully, we were soothingly serenaded by a very talented cellist all morning long. It’s a very classy farmer’s market.


We arrived back at the farm just in time for the 2:00 tour. I quickly hooked up the tractor and wagon pulled around front when I noticed the cars. So many cars. Lining both sides of the lane. This was a problem. There was barely room for a mid-sized SUV to fit through, much less a hay wagon! ┬áNo one was around to drive the wagon so I was on my own. And people were already waiting for the tour so I couldn’t call it off. Enter panic mode. Again.

Suddenly Rob appeared out of nowhere. He wasn’t actually working today and was under no obligation to drive the wagon, but I begged him and after seeing the how tightly the cars were parked he took pity on me and agreed to drive. I was so thankful he did. I definitely would have taken out a car or two had I been behind the wheel.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day and I am the world’s best daughter. Ground beef and bacon burgers. Need I say more? Because we do all our own butchering here, we have a lot more flexibility in our products. We smoke and slice our own bacon and any leftover bacon scraps are ground up with our grass-fed beef. I’ll be bringing four-pounds worth of burgers home for our Father’s Day cookout. Manda is bringing rolls. Ergo, I win.

3 thoughts on “Rescued by Rob

  1. Piglets! Cute…
    Thank goodness for butchers. I love meat but I would not love carving it up. Those pictures repel and fascinate me at the same time.

    • I couldn’t cut it up simply for the amount of strength required! Watching the guys carry around sides of pork and beef shoulders is impressive.

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