Today was a quiet end to a hectic week. I realize I still have two more days to my formal week, but I am done with the farm side until Wednesday.

After all the craziness on Wednesday, we all desperately needed a day like today. We did chores, set up a few fences, got caught up on some old to-do list items like cleaning out the pig feeders.

It was an exciting day for me because Ryan assigned me two animal tasks to handle on my own! First I had to feed Psycho. If you didn’t pick up from her name, she is absolutely nuts. Last Monday Ryan, Steve and Rob had the trailer all loaded and were about to head to the slaughterhouse when the two heifers spooked. By some miracle they hit the two levers that work the door at the exact same time and busted out. The guys caught the one girl easily, but Psycho took off and ended up on the other side of the creek over. We couldn’t get her back in with the herd for a few days and apparently once a cow spooks like that, they are never the same.

When we ran the heifers through the barn on Wednesday, we were able to pull her out from the group and pen her up until we take her to slaughter. Her hay was running low so I had to chase her into a different pen and lock her up while I brought in more hay. I was terrified she would jump a fence and bolt. Looking back I probably should have been more afraid that she would kick me, but that really didn’t cross my mind at the time. Thankfully, neither of those things happened. She stayed in her pen, I didn’t get kicked and she has plenty of tasty hay to keep her fat.

After that I had to sort piglets! It is time to wean the litter of piglets who were born on April 26. They started eating grain about a month ago, but were also nursing. Mama Pig has started to look pretty thin in the past week. She is such a great mom and we want to breed her again so she needs to keep her weight up. That meant separating her from her babies.

At first she wasn’t happy about this. She grunted and growled and resisted. However, once she entered her new pen and saw all the lush green grass and the feed trough that was all hers, she quickly forgot about her piglets and began eating everything in sight! The piglets were also a bit confused, but seem to be adjusting nicely. No one cried or tried to burrow under the fence to get to Mama.

Next week should be another fun week. We will be castrating piglets and catching a goat. Those tasks alone should keep us busy!

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