Lord Willing & the Creek Don’t Rise

Last night we had another bad storm. They seem to come every evening these days. The problem is that the ground is completely saturated at this point and there is no where for the water to go except downhill into the creek and last night the creek became a river. I’m still kicking myself for leaving my camera at my parents’ for the week. iPhone photos are as good as it gets.

It was really bad. We knew a storm was coming, but figured it would be like all the others this week. Fast and furious, but with no major impact. What we didn’t know was that the powers that be closed the dam to keep Downingtown from flooding so the water truly had nowhere to go.

Things would have been OK except that we had a group of cows down by the creek. The pasture was quickly turned into a swamp. Ryan and Laurel moved them to higher grounds. Thankfully, everyone is safe.

The weather doesn’t bother the cows. In fact, they enjoy the rain because it cools things down and keeps the flies away. Still, it is moments like those when I appreciate the industrial system. I don’t agree with it, but I understand why farmers bought into the system. Life is a lot simpler when you create an environment that eliminates the need to worry about uncontrollable variables like the weather.

3 thoughts on “Lord Willing & the Creek Don’t Rise

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