My nana always said things happen in threes. She lied. Four things broke in the course of the day, not including our spirits.

White Lightening went first. Lauren and I loaded her last night so all we had to do this morning was grab the coolers and go. When we put her in drive she just rolled backwards. Obviously, I had a mini panic attack as I relived Thursday’s Kawasaki disaster. We turned her off and then back on and everything seemed OK so we headed out.

Less than 5 miles out it was clear something was wrong with the transmission. Third gear was about as high as she went. We pulled into a parking lot to evaluate the situation and decided to head back to the farm and get the other truck figuring it was better to be 30 minutes late to the market than dead on route 30 when WL exploded on us.

Found On Road Dead.  Fix Or Repair Daily.  Driver Returns On Foot (Ford backwards, courtesy of my bro-in-law)

Found On Road Dead.
Fix Or Repair Daily.
Driver Returns On Foot (Ford backwards, courtesy of my bro-in-law)

About half way back to the farm smoke started gushing out from the hood. We immediately pulled over. Lauren called AAA for a tow. Lexi came out to pick me up so I could go back to the farm and get the grey truck. The plan was for me to head on the market while Lauren waited for AAA. By the time I got back AAA was there so I lead the way back to the farm. We left WL and Charlie (the tow truck driver) in Rob’s hands while we went on to Malvern.

Still a Ford. Still concerned.

Still a Ford. Still concerned.

We left the farm at 7:30 a.m. and finally made it to the market at 10:30. Is that too late to be considered fashionable?

The market was great. We still sold a good amount even though we missed the first 1.5 hours. We felt so loved when we arrived. Everyone had been concerned that we weren’t going to make it. Though I think they were more worried about missing out on their weekly fix of ground beef and bacon than our well-being. In fairness, I probably would have felt the same way.

We arrived back at the farm to find Lexi and Rob messing with one of the refrigerated trailers. We have two – the white one where we keep the veggies and the mopac which is also white, but has “mopac” written in bold letters across the side. Apparently the white one died sometime this morning. They moved all the veggies into the mopac and were trying to figure out how to get the white one up and running again.

I ran into the cottage to dump my stuff and then go give a tour. Despite being relatively busy, we didn’t have any takers. I waited about 20 minutes before heading into the market to hang out. Lauren came in and asked if I’d seen the woman who fell. I hadn’t. Apparently an elderly woman fell down the steps and fractured something. She was on her way to the hospital. Add broken bones to our growing list.

I continued making my rounds and wandered down to the kitchen where I was told the grill was broken. Which takes our tally of broken things to four.

Like I said, that’s four breaks today not including our very broken spirits. However you slice it, four (or five) is not a multiple of three.

Despite everything, it was still a good day. Lauren and I had a great time at the market. We are getting to know our “regulars” and making friends with the other vendors, all of whom are awesome. Donna and Lisa, the sweet ladies who run the market, went out of their way to save us a parking spot when we called to tell them we were running late. No one was up for a tour at 2:00, but the 4:00 drew such a large crowd that we added a 2nd tour at 4:45 to accommodate everyone. Both groups were a lot of fun and I really enjoyed chatting with them. The weather was perfect which was a nice change after this very hot and humid week.

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