My Best Frenemy

Happy Fourth everyone! As I’ve mentioned before, cattle don’t recognize human holidays and expect new grass whether it’s Easter or Rosh Hashanah or Columbus Day. Ryan is out of town at a wedding, but before he left he told Steve and me to treat today like a weekend. That means chores and nothing else.We started at our normal time – 7:00 a.m. – with the intention of getting things done so we could enjoy the day. ¬†Everything was going well until we got o the layer house. The feeder was broken. The fancy new house has an automatic feeder. There is a sensor that indicates when the food drops below a certain level. When this happens, an auger turns and fills the feeders from a giant reserve tank. It’s great…when it works.

We spent the next hour and a half or so taking apart the sensor only to determine that the problem was the auger and beyond our ability to fix. Oh technology, you fickle mistress. Don’t get me wrong. I love technology. Take away my phone or computer and I’d be lost. Literally and figuratively. But sometimes I feel technology is using me instead of the other way around. It takes maybe 5 minutes to fill buckets and feed the layers by hand. We aren’t talking a huge amount of time or effort. Still we were all sucked in by the fancy new chicken house with the automatic feeder. Life, we were sure, would be so much easier thanks to this great gizmo. Now whatever time it had saved us the past few weeks was lost today trying to fix it. And there is still more to do because it still isn’t working. (Not to mention it takes 30 minutes to fill up the reserve food tank.)

All that to say, morning chores took much longer than expected, but that was OK. We got everything done and were able to enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

I may or may not have eaten ice cream for lunch. Just ice cream. This is America, right? The land of the free? That means ice cream for lunch is completely legitimate.

3 thoughts on “My Best Frenemy

    • Sounds like a good breakfast to me! My mom once told my sister to melt vanilla ice cream for her cereal because we were out of milk. It worked well.

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