It started a few weeks ago. A smattering of zits. Achiness in my wrists and ankles. A general feeling of lethargy and moodiness. My favorite jeans feeling a bit too snug. All signs that my generally healthy diet was perhaps less healthy than I was willing to admit.

I don’t follow any particular diet. I’m not paleo or vegan or anything like that. I just generally try to avoid processed foods and to limit my consumption of grains and sugars. When I do eat grains and sugars, I opt for unrefined options like oats and whole spelt flour or honey and maple syrup.

The problem is that I have a sweet tooth and when I start to feed it, it becomes hard to control! Lately I haven’t even been trying. Between ice cream for Father’s Day and Fourth of July, rhubarb bars and frozen yogurt for garden night, lemon and rhubarb pies just because I had lard and wanted to make pie crusts…you get the picture. What should be occasional treats have become something of a regular occurrence in my world recently.

Now my body is starting to call me out for it. You are what you eat and if you eat junk, your body will respond in kind. I know from personal experience that sugar impacts my skin, my weight, my joints, my energy levels, and my mood, all of which have become problem areas in the past few weeks.

I, however, haven’t wanted to make the necessary changes to my eating habit. I kind of enjoy eating ice cream for lunch. Who doesn’t? But I’m not 18 anymore and my body isn’t nearly as forgiving as it was back then. My body runs on diesel and I’ve been fueling it with unleaded these past few weeks. Or something like that…anyways, it is time to get back on track and get my sweet tooth under control once again.

3 thoughts on “Denial

  1. I can soooo relate! That’s why I stopped baking. It was a fun hobby and I shared much of what I made with coworkers, but I still ate way too much of what I made.

    • That’s why I’m trying to limit myself to just baking for garden night. There are enough hungry guys that I don’t have to actually eat any of it!

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