Thoughts on Tickling Garlic


This morning’s conversation:
Ryan: “Would you kill me if I told you you couldn’t go to the market anymore cause I needed you to work weekends?”
Me: “Yes.”


End of conversation.


Weekends are a problem on the farm side. Saturdays and Sundays are Ryan, Steve, & Rob’s days off, but chores still need to be done so they rotate with one person taking every third weekend. The problem is that moving the broiler houses is a 2-person job. I’m around on Sunday mornings to help, but Saturday mornings are the problem. With summer in full swing – vacations, weddings, etc. – it’s hard to coordinate schedules so there are always two people available. It will all get sorted out in a way that doesn’t require me to give up the market.


At garden night we harvested garlic. Actually, Jim, Mark & Tom harvested garlic. Lauren and I were in charge of “tickling the bulbs.” We should probably have our own reality show for all the shenanigans we are involved with between the market and garden night.

English: Garlic Bulbs

Garlic is not so clean and white when first harvested (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


As weird and borderline inappropriate as tickling bulbs sounds, it’s the best way to describe how you clean the roots of a garlic bulb. Once cleaned and trimmed, we tied the bulbs up so they could be hung in the garage for safe storage.


Lauren and I bolted before dinner so we could go to a concert in Kennett. This was good because we left before dinner so I managed to avoid eating any of the blueberry swirl cheesecake bars I made!  I have consumed zero grams of added sugar today. Success! The concert was a lot of fun. It was almost like being back in Brooklyn for the summer concerts in Prospect Park.


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