Every Bull Has His Day

After several weeks of oppressive, humid heat we finally got a break! Of course, it rained all day, too, but I’ll take it. Why can’t it rain on super hot days when we actually would welcome it? And why do I devote so much time and energy to thinking about the weather? I guess that’s farm life!

We ran the bulls in with the cows today which means breeding season has officially begun. A cow’s gestation period is 10 months (283 days to be exact) so the first calves of 2014 could be born as early as April 21. The plan is to leave the bulls in with the cows for 60 days. By that point everyone should be bred.

The farming gods smiled on us and things went very smoothly. One of the bulls, Bully, was down at Lundale with the steers and Ryan was worried about how we would get him out of the group. We really didn’t want to move the whole group into the corral so we could then weed out the steers one by one until just the bull was left. Thankfully he cooperated and we were able to work him down to the trailer without messing with the steers. We called the steers like we were about to move them and they all came to the corner of the fence. Then we worked the bull up to the front of the group and opened the fence just enough to push him through and closed it before anyone else followed.

Ferdinand, our other bull, was equally cooperative. He’d been living the life in a pasture all his own. Once again we were worried we’d spend the afternoon chasing him around, but Steve practically walked him into the holding pen. From there he calmly climbed into the trailer and we dropped him off with the cows.

If only our cows were so calm and easy as these bulls! Hopefully next year’s calves take after their daddies.


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