Happily Uneventful

We did it! Lauren and I made it to the farmers’ market and back without any truck related disasters. Tailgates stayed closed. Gas tanks were full. Engines didn’t smoke. AAA wasn’t summoned. What more could you ask for?

When Lauren arrived at the farm at 7:00 a.m. we couldn’t help but laugh. We were dressed identically. Yes, her shirt was blue and mine was pink, but those are minor details. I guess this is the new Wyebrook Farm farmers’ market uniform?

Aren't we adorable? And we sell bacon.

Aren’t we adorable? And we sell bacon.

The market was pretty slow today. It was an off week (there are several vendors who only come every other week) and the weather wasn’t great. It never actually rained, but for a long time it looked like it was about to downpour.

I had planned to stock up on veggies, but got sucked in by all the fresh fruit. I couldn’t resist the blueberries and white peaches from Frecon Farms.


Remember how much I love Jersey sweet corn? Multiply that by about 1,000 and that is how much I love white peaches. It is taking every ounce of will power I have to wait for them to ripen before eating one. I know they’ll be better if I wait, but they are just so tempting. We’ll see how long I’m able to hold out.

Did you know that peaches ripen faster if kept in a paper bag on a sunny windowsill? Guess where mine are right now…

We also got some pretty flowers from Down to Earth Harvest (as well as the sweetest cherry tomatoes I’ve ever tasted). The flowers brightened up our somewhat dreary morning.


Back at the farm we had two great tours. We are consistently getting more people which is great. Not that I mind giving a tour to two, but it’s so much more fun with a big group!

In the culinary world, cheese and nuts are integral parts of good pesto. I got a bunch of basil at the market this morning with the intention of making pesto, but was feeling lazy after the last tour and didn’t want to drive to Downingtown to the other ingredients. So I threw the basil into the food processor with salt, garlic and olive oil to see what would happen. It’s not bad, but it’s not great either. It will pair nicely with the goat cheese and sun-dried tomato ravioli I got from Vera Pasta, but next time I want pesto I’ll be sure to get all the necessary ingredients.

Tomorrow Wyebrook is hosting the PASA Potluck so I’ll be hanging out after the last tour. It should be a good event and several of our friends from the farmers’ market will be here.

As usual, I’ve been neglecting my camera. I’ll drag it out one of these days. Maybe I’ll even take it to the farmers’ market next week. Soon. I promise.

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