PASA Potluck

Tonight Wyebrook hosted the PASA Eastern Regional Potluck. Farmers from all over the region came to hang out and network. It was a lot of fun.

PASA is the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture. For the past 20+ years they’ve been working hard to promote farming methods that are good for people and the environment. They put on educational programs and networking events throughout the year and an impressive Farming for the Future Conference – a 3-day farming extravaganza held every year in early February. I wasn’t able to go this past year because I was in the processes of wrapping up my life in NYC, but am hoping to attend in 2014.

PASA also works to connect aspiring farmers who have the passion but not the resources (i.e. land) with farmers who no longer wish to farm, but don’t want to see their land developed through the farm lease connection program. It’s a very cool program and one that I’ll likely be looking at more closely some day.

All in all, it was a great event with lots of interesting people and some really delicious homemade food!

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