Heat Wave

It’s hot. Really hot. If I’ve ever complained about the weather before, I take it back. Yesterday and today have set a new standard and tomorrow isn’t going to be any better.

Temperatures have been in the 90*s and the humidity make it feel like its 102*F. At night things “cool down” to the upper 70*s which isn’t much of a break. We’ve been starting at 6:00 a.m. to try to beat the heat and allow ourselves a slower pace in the afternoon. The animals are really feeling it. No one is eating much. Everyone has access to plenty of shade and that is where they pass their days sleeping and drinking and sleeping some more. Oh to be one of our animals! Yes, yes, they are stuck outside all of the time, but the cottage where I live isn’t air┬áconditioned so…

Yesterday was garden night. We pulled weeds and I got a formal tour of the complex from Jim and Tom, the two guys who head up the garden project. You can read more about it here. The chocolate stout cake with Bailey’s buttercream frosting was a big hit. I love having people to bake for!

It is too hot to type anymore. Until tomorrow!

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