The Worst Is Over

According to my weather app, today is the last day of the heat wave. Tomorrow is supposed to be hot,  but not as bad and thunderstorms tomorrow night should usher in cooler days. At least that’s what I am telling myself.

Today I was incredibly thankful for chickens. I know I pick on them a lot. In fairness, they deserve it. But today they were my absolute favorite animals. Why? Because on Fridays we bag and process chickens and that means hanging out in the refrigerated trailer and the air conditioned kitchen. Win!


I am running a 5K tomorrow night. I keep forgetting about it which could be a problem. I also haven’t been running much lately which could be a bigger problem. Oh well!

Did I mention yesterday that I tried beef heart? Because I did. It was delicious. Bryan marinated chunks and grilled them on skewers. Why does food taste better when it comes on a stick? I think that is a valid question.

Wow. I am all over the place tonight. Clearly the heat is getting to me. I do have a fan in my room now which is a life saver! For now, I’ll leave you with pictures of piglets.

They love to chew on my pants and shoes

They love to chew on my pants and shoes

Almost 3 months old

Almost 3 months old

4 thoughts on “The Worst Is Over

    • It was cancelled. Such a bummer. But they are going to reschedule and if we can’t make the new date we can transfer our registration to the 2014 race.

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