No Guts, No Glory

Tonight was garden night. As always, it was a lot of fun. It’s shown me just how little I know about plants, but I am learning!

There were six or eight kids from the community helping out which was great! It’s an economically depressed area and a lot of them don’t have access to or have never been exposed to fresh produce. Garden night is a great place for them to learn about and try fresh, healthy food. It also gives them something to do one night a week. Tonight they helped Jim and Tom work on the stone walkway down to the creek.

While they were busy with that, I was on bug patrol. Harlequin bugs have been a big problem. Because the garden is organic, spraying for them isn’t an option. The next best solution is to catch and kill them by hand. You can drown them, which Jim did by putting one in Tom’s beer which Tom proceeded to drink. Or you can squash them. Having only my water bottle with me, I opted for squashing. I used leaves to avoid getting bug guts all over my hands. Hey, someone has to do it, right?


Before squishing


After squishing

The goal is to only kill pests. We don’t bother spiders or lady bugs or any other beneficial insects. Just the ones that eat and destroy the plants.

As for the pie, it was fine. Everyone ate a piece and was very nice about it, but it certainly didn’t come close to last week’s brownies. Next week I think I’ll try my grandmom’s cobbler and see how that goes over.

Three days until NYC!

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