Gets My Goat

Just when I thought we were done with goats! On Tuesday night we got a delivery of 20 new goats. A few weeks ago we finished fencing in some new wooded areas for the pigs, but they are pretty overgrown with bramble and scrub brush. The goats are *hopefully* going to clear all that out before we put the pigs in the pastures.

In fairness, that was the plan with the original goats. The problem was that they went into the pastures with the pigs instead of before the pigs. The pigs needed grain to supplement their forage diet and the goats preferred the pigs’ grain to the scrub brush. So much for that plan! We aren’t supplementing the new goats’ diet so they will be forced to rely on brambles for now.

We are also going to attempt to domesticate them to a certain extent so that it will be easier to catch them when the time comes. Every other day we will take down a bucket of pig feed for them which they will only be allowed to eat in our presence. We want them to associate us with grain so that when we go down with a bucket, they come running to us rather than away. When it comes time to catch one we will simply go down with food and slip a lasso around it as it eats. Brilliant, right? In theory at least.

Tonight I went down to check them out and say hello. I took a bucket of grain as a peace offering for all the bad things I’ve said about goats and was fully ready to make friends with them. Apparently my peace offering wasn’t acceptable. Every time I got close to a group they ran away. The woods were pretty overgrown and the bucket heavy so I gave up after several attempts to win them over. I think we need to add a bell or something to our training scheme so they come to us instead of us having to trek about trying to find them.

After giving up on the goats, I went to play with my red piglets. We put them out to pasture today! They are getting so big and curious. Tomorrow will be their 3 month birthday. I really do love them. I know we are going to eat them one day, but I am trying not to think about that and am hoping they become large and obnoxious before that day comes. I really am getting much to attached. The funny thing is that my affections only extend to the red ones. I like the other litters and all. They are just as cute and inquisitive, but there is something about the red ones that just melts my heart.

Also, I have some sad news. Gimpy didn’t make it. He got himself tangled a few more times on Monday and Tuesday before finally giving up. Still, I have to give him credit for making it as long as he did. As much as I rag on chickens, I have a lot of respect for Gimpy’s will to live.

I don’t want to end on such a sad note so I’ll leave you with piglet pictures! Two days ’til New York!

4 thoughts on “Gets My Goat

    • I think the idea is to bang on the bucket. That’s what Ryan said when I asked him. Just some consistent loud noise that sends them the “come and get it” message.

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