Flat Iron

My first thought whenever I hear “flat iron” is always this:

Day137 Flat Iron, NYC

Day137 Flat Iron, NYC (Photo credit: Bee Nouveau)

Definitely one of the coolest buildings in NYC. But a flat iron is also a cut of steak and it happens to be the cut I tried this week in my ongoing effort to learn about all the different cuts and how to cook them.

The flat iron comes from right under the shoulder blade. It can be on the tough side, but tends to have good marbling. My flat iron was thinner than last week’s tri tip so I decided I would just cook it on the stove top and not throw it under the broiler. Plus, the oven was occupied by a bunch of tomatoes I am dehydrating so broiling wasn’t really an option. I suppose I could have grilled it, but I have no idea how to start the grill. Stove top was my only option.

I heated my cast iron skillet over medium-high heat and added a bit of butter because everything is better with butter, right? Even steak! I cooked the steak for 3-4 minutes per side and it came out perfectly! Well, perfectly for me. It was pretty pink in the middle, but that’s how I like my steaks. Still moo-ing. It was delicious. It had great flavor and wasn’t tough. I actually liked it better than the tri tip, but, again, I overcooked the tri tip so that could be part of it.

Flat irons are supposed to be great for marinating. Of course, that takes advance planning which isn’t one of my strengths. I just seasoned my steak with some salt and pepper and it was perfect. I think next time I will try this marinade and throw it on the grill. But I’ve got a lot of other cuts to try first!

Here’s a video of how a butcher breaks down a flat iron:

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