On My Own

I am in charge of the farm side of things this weekend. Not sure whose brilliant idea that was…

Ryan and Steve both have weddings to attend so that leaves me to take care of things here. I’m actually pretty nervous about it. I know it isn’t going to happen, but my over-active imagination has been creating all kinds of “what if” scenarios, most of which involve escaped animals. What if the cows get out? What if the goats jump the fence? What if the layer house flips when I’m moving it? What if the Kawasaki blows up? OK, that last one is a real possibility given how it’s been running lately.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been on my own. There was that Sunday few weeks ago when Rob called out and I had to wrangle Rita into helping me move the chicken houses. She wasn’t too traumatized because she’ll be helping me again this weekend and is excited about it. The difference is that time was¬†unplanned. I didn’t have time to over think all the things that could go wrong.

Another difference is that I still want to give tours tomorrow. Last time I was already so far behind when I found out Rob couldn’t make it that we just canceled the tours for the day so I could focus on taking care of the animals. I plan to do both tomorrow which means I’ll be up early to get everyone settled for the day and then out late making sure everyone is set for the evening.

Thankfully today was a slow day so Steve set up all the fences I’ll need this weekend. He’ll be back Sunday afternoon and will take care of evening chores so I can head home for my grandparents’ 65th anniversary party.

While there’s nothing I can’t manage on my own (knock on wood!!), I’m sure I’ll be glad to have Ryan and Steve back. Farming is definitely more fun with good coworkers.

The plus side of Ryan being out of town? I get to watch Pearl and pretend she is my dog for the weekend! If only she would have puppies…

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