Thank goodness it’s Sunday! What a week. I am glad it is over. It wasn’t a bad week. In fact, it was a really good week. Extremely productive and full of firsts. But I am exhausted and looking forward to a day of rest.

Apart from slaughtering a chicken, I deep fried something for the first time (beignets at garden night), I changed tools on the skid steer all by myself, and I survived a weekend without Ryan and Steve. We moved calves out of the woods and into the piglet pasture. We weaned the fall calves and moves the cow group into the woods where the calves had been. I outsmarted Chicken-dog who developed a bad habit of bolting for the compost pile whenever we open the gate wide enough to bring the tractor through: I park the tractor outside and walk into the pasture where she is normally waiting to greet me. Then I lock her in an empty broiler house until I am done moving and feeding all the chickens. I drive the tractor back out and walk back into the pasture to let her out of the house. It works very well.

It turns out there is a hot air balloon place somewhere near the farm. On Saturday I saw just such a balloon flying around as I was feeding the pigs. Pearl freaked out. That dog is scared of her shadow! Hot air balloon ride is now on my list of things to do before I leave Wyebrook.

4 thoughts on “TGI…S?

  1. I meant to ask about Sir Fluffkin – glad to know he and Bob are doing well.
    Your co-pilot is cute. 🙂
    I had beignets in New Orleans many years ago, sprinkled in powdered sugar. Yours must have been delicious, straight out of the fryer.
    A hot air balloon ride sounds like fun! Looking forward to hearing about it when the time comes.

    • Yes, everyone is doing well, though I’m not sure how much longer Bob has…
      The beignets were wonderful, though nothing like in Nawlins. We were too lazy to roll them out and cut them properly. Instead we just made them into donut hole sized balls. It worked, but they were rather dense.
      I’ll keep you posted on the hot air balloon ride!

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