Longview/Greener Partners

Last Tuesday Lauren and I went to visit Greener PartnersLongview Market. This was the only other farm I seriously considered when I was looking for a place last winter and I will likely reapply for their program for next year.

The Longview Market is about 45 minutes away from Wyebrook. Once upon a time I would have thought that an arduous trek, but my views on relative distances have changed in the past five months and 45 minutes really didn’t seem too bad.

The farm was quiet, probably because it was a Tuesday and most people are at work or carting kids around to summer camps and such. We wandered around, checking out the gardens, the chickens, the rabbits and goats. They are a very interactive farm with various “pick your own” seasons (berries, pears, etc.) and community activities such as yoga and pancake breakfasts.

Their market is very much like Wyebrook’s. They feature their products (mostly produce, but some meat and dairy) and also products of local farms and food producers. They have baked goods and cheeses and honeys and granolas. They even have a lot of the same products we have, like Jenny & Franks Gelato and Conebella cheese

We didn’t see any of our friends from the farmers’ market (the Greener Partners’ stand is just two down from ours), but we got to chat with the market manager for a few minutes. She told us they had recently transitioned to a GM-free market which is awesome! Even the healthiest of health food stores still tend to carry GM products. I understand. They have to meet customer demand and some products just aren’t available without GM ingredients.

I ended up buying some peaches, a pepper and a lemon cucumber. Never heard of that? Neither had I. They look like lemons, but taste like cucumbers with a bit of twang to them. In college once of my friends used to order water with cucumber instead of water with lemon (which is delicious if you haven’t tried it). This would be the perfect blending of the two! I think I may have to try growing some next year. What I really mean is that I may have to buy some seeds so my dad can grow some for me.

Lauren got one, too and we took them to garden night. We’d intended to harvest basil last week to make pesto, but forgot so when I found this recipe for lemon cucumber with Italian basil pesto, we knew we had to try it. Have you ever tried making pesto without a food processor or mortar & pestle? Lauren did and it was delicious.

If you are in the Collegeville area, the Longview Market is definitely worth a visit.

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