This week’s steak was a bavette and it was the best I’ve had yet! This opinion is probably heavily influenced by the fact that it was the easiest to cook thus far and when it comes to making myself dinner, easy is always best.

The bavette steak, also known as a flap steak, comes from the short rib section of the cow.6a01348583a992970c0133f2ddca42970b-320wi

If you’ve ever seen a cow, you may have noticed areas on the cow’s side that twitch. The bavette is one of the muscles. The twitching keeps flies away.

Because it is such an active muscle, it can be tough. Ask your butcher to tenderize it for you. Joe gave this piece a good pounding for me. On the other hand, it is extremely flavorful, more so than some of the higher-end cuts. I definitely noticed this.


The bavette is ideal for stirfry-ing which is what I did. I sliced it very thinly against the grain and tossed it into a hot, lightly oiled skillet (I used lard) with some mushrooms, peppers, and onions and cooked it all for just a few minutes. It came out perfectly! The flavor was great and the meat was perfectly tender. And I only dirtied one pan. What more could you ask for from dinner?


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