Poisonless Ivy

Fun and random fact: I am not allergic to poison ivy. I don’t remember how I discovered this. I probably picked some or wandered through a patch of it and never developed a rash. 

Remember a few months ago when I harvested all that rhubarb? Well, it was growing in a poison ivy patch. My dad warned me, but I, of course, forgot and went without gloves. I’d been harvesting for about 15 minutes when I remembered, but it really didn’t matter because my skin doesn’t react to the stuff.

English: Line art drawing of poison ivy.

English: Line art drawing of poison ivy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This came in handy at garden night on Wednesday. Paul needed to plant some flowers in an area that was completely overgrown with the dreaded weed. I’m pretty sure I became his favorite person, at least for the evening, when I volunteered to pull it up for him. I did wear gloves just to be safe. Every time I tell someone I’m not allergic to poison ivy I begin to second guess myself. I think maybe I’ve just been lucky every other time I’ve come in contact with it. I know that isn’t the case and that I really don’t react to it. But I still get paranoid.

Poison ivy produces urushiol to protect the pl...

Poison ivy produces urushiol to protect the plant from herbivores. In humans this chemical produces an allergic skin rash, known as urushiol-induced contact dermatitis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyways, I was up to my elbows, well past where the gloves ended, for a decent chunk of time and I didn’t end up with a rash. Next time I start to question my tolerance, I will just refer back to this post as a reminder of my immunity.

We got all the cows moved today without too much trouble. The biggest thing was just setting up and tearing down all the fences. We could only do so much at a time because we only have so many posts and reels of line. We set up lanes and moved the heifers. Then we had to take down all of the fences before we could move the calves. It all got done and nothing crazy happened, so I’d say it was a successful day.

Tomorrow is the farmers’ market! I haven’t been in three weeks and am really looking forward to it. First there was Lauren’s wedding. Then we had the farmers’ breakfast here. And last weekend I was “on duty” since Ryan and Steve both had weddings. I have missed it. It is definitely one of the highlights of my week. I hope they find an indoor space and are able to keep it going through the winter months!

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