Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Today I castrated a piglet. What did you do?

This it the 4th piglet castration I’ve participated in, but the first one I’ve done myself. Other times I’ve been responsible for catching piglets or holding piglets while Ryan castrated them, but this time I got to do it myself. Ryan held the piglet while I made the incisions and removed his manhood. Sorry, little guy.

It was a lot easier than I expected. Arden tried her hand at it when we did the last group. Ryan makes everything look easy so I figured her experience was a more realistic gauge of how difficult it really was. But it wasn’t bad. Ryan talked me through it and everything went smoothly. In some ways it was easier than castrating a calf. Just one more reason why I like pigs best.

Wednesday night means garden night and tonight was THE night. Lauren and I took our chickens. The chickens we slaughtered.  Sarah grilled them (thank you!) to a crispy perfection. They were delicious! Really, really wonderful. Definitely one of the best chickens I’ve had. Lexi spatchcocked them for us and they reminded me of Purbird’s chicken, one of my favorite restaurants in Brooklyn.



For dessert I made bourbon bacon brownies. They were intense. Very dense and fudge-y. Made with Wyebrook eggs. Topped with Wyebrook bacon. From one of my beloved pigs. If only we’d had some beef somewhere in the meal we’d have covered the whole farm!

Bourbon bacon brownies for garden night

Bourbon bacon brownies for garden night

5 thoughts on “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

  1. Love the title – and movie!
    Thank you for sparing us the pictures of poor little piglet. 😉 Are there any more goals you want to accomplish in your time there?

    • There was no way to take pictures during the castration. All hands were on deck and full attention was required. I didn’t want to hurt the little guy (more than I already was…).

      My main goal is to get better with working cows. I just don’t do it enough. I don’t see cows in my long-term farming future – at least not this many! – but I would like to feel more confident working with them, just in case.

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