The Wasp Slayer

Today was perfect. Absolutely perfect in every way. The weather was perfect. The people were friendly. The work enjoyable. What more could you ask for?

Lauren and I headed to the farmers’ market with more meat than usual which made us nervous. We typically take several packs of 4-5 different steak cuts (strips, flat irons, London broils, etc.). This week we asked to guys to give us more cut, but fewer of each cut. They gave us more cuts, but just as many packs of each! Steaks hadn’t been big sellers the past few weeks so we weren’t sure how this was going to work out.

To our pleasant surprise, everyone seemed to want steak today! We were on fire. We sold almost everything we took, including 30 dozen eggs. We even sold 3 packs of chicken livers.

Then again, who wouldn’t want to buy meat from us?526519_607068652671767_1209720305_n

Once again, the yellow jackets took a liking to our stand. I don’t get it. We are sandwiched between two produce vendors and across the lane is a flower stall. We have meat. Just meat. And it’s all vacuum sealed. You’d think the bugs would leave us alone. We’d tried the “don’t bother them and they won’t bother you” tactic and Lauren got stung. Clearly ignoring them isn’t the answer. I declared myself the wasp killer and managed to take down four of those suckers without getting myself or anyone else stung!

Back at the farm, tours went well. I had two great groups who had a lot of good questions. On the 2:00 tour someone noticed that one of the little broiler chicks had escaped and everyone wanted to see me catch him. Thankfully he cooperated and didn’t make me chase him all over the pasture! Cars were double parked all the way down the lane which nearly gave me a heart attack, but I maneuvered the wagon like a pro and got everyone safely back to the market without taking out any cars. Pride goes before the fall which means you probably don’t want to come take a tour tomorrow…isn’t that how life works?

Anyway, today was excellent.

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