Crack Pie Success

Today was pretty dreary. It rained on and off most of the day. Thankfully we didn’t have a lot to do so we were able to stay mostly dry.

The morning was very quiet. After chores I swept out the barn while Steven went to pick up the meat and Ryan did some maintenance work on the mower. Around 11:00 I collected the eggs and we had our weekly meeting at 12:00.  Steve was back in time for the meeting and once it ended, he and I worked on fences for the cows .

The rain had cleared out by then so we set about cleaning up the pig runs. There were a lot of extra feeders and waters lying about that we wanted to put away and organize. The biggest task was moving the five creep feeders. Creep feeders are large metal boxes with a small opening. The opening is large enough for piglets to get through, but not a full-grown pig. These are used if the mama pig won’t share her food with her babies. We haven’t had that problem and thus haven’t needed the creep feeders. Other vermin (i.e. rats) were making homes in the feeders so we wanted to get them out of there. They are quite heavy and the pens were pretty muddy from the rain. It’s nothing short of a miracle that Steve and I made it through without one (or both) of us ending up in the mud.

We then set about catching the Ossabaw piglets. Again. These were the ones who we’d tagged and weaned last week, but they escaped the pasture and made their way back to their mom. Ryan filled in all the holes where they could sneak under the fence last week so we were ready to try again. It took longer then planned (no one wanted to cooperate!), but we finally got them back out to pasture.

I was kind of hoping garden night would be cancelled because of the weather, but no such luck. I know I could have stayed home, but I’d made the pies and felt bad skipping. In the end I was glad I went. We weeded for a bit before the rain started up again at which point we gave up and just hung out until dinner. The Crackpie was a huge success. Excessively sweet, but gooey and delicious. I’ve had requests for chocolate pie and chocolate pudding cake. Anyone have recipes for those?

4 thoughts on “Crack Pie Success

    • I actually have it, though I haven’t tried it yet. I keep meaning to and making his lemon chess instead. That is probably my favorite pie. That or grandmom’s coconut pie.

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