The Station Taproom

Lauren and I went to The Station Taproom for our August girls’ night out. We are trying to have one night a month that doesn’t involve dirt. As much as we love hanging out at the farm, the farmers’ market, and garden night, it’s nice to get dressed up and feel girly every now and then.

August was a busy month for everyone so the Station Taproom was a very convenient choice. It’s in Downingtown which is only 15-20 minutes away from the farm. Thursdays are our best  bets since garden night is on Wednesday and on Fridays we are packing meat and preparing for the farmers’ market.

It’s very much a bar, but a good one. I could definitely see hanging out there on a Sunday afternoon to watch football. The prices are very reasonable and they have a good selection of beers. They try to source their menu locally and even use Wyebrook meat! Naturally, we got two shrimp dishes and split them. Don’t judge. We eat our fill of meat during the week! Both the shrimp salad and the shrimp samosas were excellent.

I will definitely be going back. They even serve brunch! Brunch is one of the few things I genuinely miss about NYC. It is a standard Saturday and Sunday meal. Brunching is just what you do in the city, but it’s a trend that hasn’t quite caught on in the suburbs just yet, much less the country. I was thrilled to see a brunch menu on their website.

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