I’m getting behind on my “Seasons Eatings” posts! Things come in and go out of season before I get a chance to write about them. Time for some serious catching up.

Bell peppers are one of those veggies that I eat in spurts. I’ll get on a pepper kick and eat them every day for days, even weeks at a time. And then I get sick of them and never want to see another pepper ever again. Once I’ve had a break, I’m ready to start the cycle again.

I like to use peppers in place of bread. I cut them in half and stuff them with tuna or chicken salad and that’s lunch. I also like them sliced and slathered with hummus. I don’t like them cooked. They are fine in stir fries, but I’m not a huge fan of baked/roasted stuffed peppers. They just get so soggy. It’s the crunch that I love so much. On that note, you can always make your filling in a skillet and fill raw peppers with the hot stuffing. Top them with cheese and broil for just a few minutes to melt the cheese without softening the peppers. Best of both worlds!

Peppers are somewhat awkward to cut, so here is a helpful (and kind of amusing) video tutorial:


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