I really love my life. I really do. For all the craziness and mess, I wouldn’t change a thing. It makes me sad to think that this isn’t true for so many people.

Saturdays are my favorite. Going to the farmers’ market with Lauren is easily the highlight of my week. We have so much fun. Ok. We are ridiculous. But that’s what makes it fun, right?

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, I apologize for flooding your feed every Saturday morning.

It was COLD this morning! Only 49°F when I woke up. Brrr! My weather app predicted sunshine and warmer temps ahead so I settled on my Wyebrook t-shirt and a sweater. I stuffed my running jacket into my bag for good measure. I haven’t been running so I figured I might as well put it to use for other activities. Yes, I know I have a race coming up. I’m in denial. It will be fine.

We got to the market and the sun decided to take the morning off. The cloud cover kept the temperature well below 70°F. I was thankful for the extra layer, but even with it on I was still chilly. In between helping customers, I spent the morning eyeing Carhartt coveralls and flannel-lined khakis. I’ll be investing in some of those in the near future, I’m sure.

Remember when “winter wardrobe” meant a nice wool pencil skirt from J. Crew and a cashmere cable-knit sweater? *Sigh* Kidding. I don’t miss it!

Lisa, who along with Donna organizes the market, stopped by with her camera and informed us it was vendor photo day, a fact that would have been nice to know last week so we could have prepared! She told us to hold something  fun so we pulled out the whole shank we’d brought for Restaurant Alba. She wanted fun and unique!

Who wouldn't want to buy meat from us?

Who wouldn’t want to buy meat from us?

Lisa has dubbed us “the Wyebrook ladies” and even created a hashtag for us: #wyebrookladies. I guess that makes us official in the social media world. Oh dear!

After our photo-op, we had two adorable visitors stop by the stand.



JeterA yellow lab and golden doodle puppies! Both were about 10 weeks old. I couldn’t resist and opened one of the bags of dog liver treats so I could give them each one. They LOVED them. If you have a dog, these treats are great. It took a great deal of self-control to not grab the lab and make a run for it. I want a puppy of my own more than anything.

After a few hours, we were cold and a bit hungry so I decided to try some cucarachas from Market Day. They are dried, salted chili peppers. I figured the spiciness would warm us up. Lauren was skeptical that these would make a good snack so I tried one first. It was good and not that spicy. Or so I thought. Lauren tried one and strongly disagreed. She tried eating a pear to cool the burn, but that didn’t work so we split an almond croissant from St. Pete’s Bakery. That did the trick. Sorry, Lauren! She’ll never trust my taste judgment again.


Our mouths were burning, but our bodies still shivering. It was time for some hot tea from the coffee shop across the street. That did help. All of the vendors had something – tea, coffee, hot chocolate, cider. Next week I think I’ll just bring a thermos!

TeaJay, one of the chefs at Alba, stops by every week to pick up produce for the restaurant. He puts whatever he gets in our truck and we bring it over when we drop of their shank. He stopped by the stand and apologized for loading us up with more than usual. We jokingly said he could make up for it by making us some soup. And he did! When we dropped everything off he gave us each a pint of delicious chicken soup! It was the perfect end to the market.

Back at the farm we had two great tours. In between I helped Lauren unload the truck and we chatted with John of Vesper Brothers. We sell their products in the market and he’d come out to do a tasting for us. If you haven’t tried their pasta sauce, you should. It is delicious (and sugar- and preservative-free)! It’s pretty much the only pasta sauce I’ll eat these days.

I plan to spend the evening curled up under piles of blankets watching Sherlock or perhaps a documentary. That would be more productive and educational. But not nearly as fun. Such tough decisions, right?




2 thoughts on “Chilly

  1. What a pretty pic of you! Your hair’s getting long… the growing out stage can be dicey, but that’s a nice cut.

    As for cooling a burning mouth, milk (or some variation) usually does the trick for me. You probably knew that, but didn’t have any handy. 🙂

    Some people dream of having kids, but I dream of having a dog (when I’m settled and don’t have roommates). I walk to/from work via Nassau vs. Broadway for the chance to see dogs being walked. I’m partial to little ones I can bathe easily. haha! Do you want a lab then?

    Sherlock!!! I breezed through the first two episodes, then realized there were only three per season and slowed down. Now I save them as a special treat. LOVE that show.

    • Yeah, milk wasn’t an option. That’s why we went for the croissant. We figured bread was the next best thing. And, yes, I would love a lab! That’s what I grew up with. But I’d really take anything large. I just want a puppy. Sherlock is the best! I’m looking forward to it more than to Downton Abbey.

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